You pad into camp, unsure of what lies ahead. The two warriors who accompany you now found you at the edge of the territory, and while one threatened you, the other calmly talked him into leading you to camp to let the leader decide what to do with you. The air here smells fresh, clean, comfortable. The clearing is surrounded by large rocks that the dens are nestled under. The camp is bustling as cats go about their business. Patrols head out, cats run off to hunt, and kits run through the camp, chasing each other. Welcome to the moors. Only one clan is able to survive here on this rugged stretch of territory where the wind blows constantly and the prey is swift and hard to find. Very few cats who were not born here are able to survive here. The winters are harsher here than anywhere else and the summers are horrible as well. Hardly any trees are around to shield them from the hot sun or the kits from the birds.

Camp Clearing - Can be seen on all pages

The cats from WindClan gather here for meetings and ceremonies the leader can give them the most up to date informations


 The only acceptable place to advertise. Anywhere else is unacceptable.

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