Camp Clearing 



The Leader of the Clan sleeps here. It is situated right next to the camps only entrance, and the other side of the camp's entrance is flanked by high rock. It is a relatively large den, but it is well sheltered and creates a perfect den for a leader and their mate. 

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SpeedyStar is a loner, having no family of her own. She is a brilliant fighter, and loyal to a fault. She is brave, and determined, willing to put her life on the line for her clan any day of the week. When the clan is at war, her motto is "A leader should be the first into battle, and the last one out". She doesn't know where she's from, all she knows is that she has no family of her own. As a young apprentice, the former leader of the clan found her lying unconscious at the foot of the rapids. She had no knowledge of anything other than her name. When no one came looking for her, she was adopted into the clan and it is widely accepted her family is all dead. She is still a young leader, having only been a warrior for 6 moons before becoming the deputy, and 3 moons later she became leader following the quick death of the clan's former leader, due to Black Cough, who was like a mother to her. She has no family, no mates, no kits. Someday, she hopes to have a mate and kits of her own, but the clan comes first and always will.

Mate - None

Kits - None

Mother - Unknown (PebbleStar of TreeClan)

Father -  Unknown (EmberShadow of TreeClan)

Siblings - Unknown (Rune - half sister)