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 Patchkit is a young gray and white tom kitten. His mother was barely over apprentice age when she became pregnant, the tom wanted nothing to do with her or her kits, and she fled the clan. She struggled to learn to hunt, and because of her rough pregnancy gave birth to Patchkit, and two dead kits as well. Soon after he opened his eyes for the first time, young PatchKit and his mother  were attacked by a starving wolf.  The wolf killed his mother and ate her dead body in front of the kit. After his mother was gone, the wolf picked him up in his jaws, preparing to end the young kit’s life but found himself unable to kill the defenseless young thing. He took the kit to the border of a place that reeked of cat scent, leaving it there. However, when he’d picked up the kit he’d grabbed it wrong, his tooth pushing into the kit’s right eye, permanently blinding him in that eye. A patrol soon found the mewling kit and brought him back to WindClan, where he has lived ever since.



Maplekit is a small, bushy kitten with mostly white fur; there is slight brown coloring around the eyes and on the ears, though the muzzle is still snow white.  She is very shy and isn't a cat of words. When one gets to know her, she is very loving and understanding. She doesn't seem to be, but she is secretly adventurous, though she would never do anything to get in trouble.  Her parents are unknow but Jaggedcaw found her under a maple tree by the thunderpath and stepped in. 





StormKit is a gray and white tom kit with blue gray eyes. He has no family left in the clan. His mother was a clan cat as was his father. Soon after his birth, his father contracted rabies, and went insane. His father, in his insane snap, attempted to kill his mother and him. His mother killed him before he managed to kill StormKit, but in the fight, she contracted rabies as well. In order to not put her son at risk, she jumped into the rapids and was swept away. 

Mother - MistPelt

Father -SmokeHeart

Siblings - None