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The moors make up most of our territory, and it is here that we feel most comfortable. The grass grows tall, and prey abounds here - especially rabbits. A gentle breeze almost always blows across the moors. There are very few trees on the moors, which allows us a stunning view of Silverpelt at night. The moors are a stunning place, and most cats of other clans don't feel comfortable on the moors as they feel it is too open for it to be safe. In times of little prey, kits need to be watched very carefully when they are out on the moors. If they are quite small, then a hawk may take them. 


The sunning rocks are located in the middle of the moors. Every day, the absorb the heat of the beating sun, and as the night goes, they slowly release the heat, leaving them warm almost all the time - except for in the hours directly before dawn. Watch out for snakes here, but otherwise this is a great place to hang out and hunt mice.

Weeping Willow

 This large weeping willow sits near a lake's shore, on the edge of the moors. This tree has been here for many many moons, even before the two leg place was built. When a leader needs to think on things, or get some time alone, then the leader can climb the branches and look over the territory.

The Gorge

The gorge is located on the far side of the willow. It has steeps sides, but if you make it down to the bottom and find a small ledge, the fishing there is like no other. It's a treacherous journey, and even if you manage to get down, and catch a fish, the climb out is very hard. Take the journey at your own risk. Rumor says there is a small cave located down the gorge hidden at the bottom if you can find it. 


These are the rapids - where the water begins to leave the gorge, the speed picks up. It is a treacherous crossing, and no cat should attempt to swim it, lest they get swept away. However, in order to reach the barn, and meadow, a cat must cross the rapids, using one of the logs or stepping stones you can find in the river - don't slip though.



Abandoned Barn

This is the abandoned barn. It's falling apart, so you must be careful, but you can find many mice here. Herbs also grow abundantly here, making this a prime spot for the medicine cats to gather herbs - if they can make it across the rapids. 

The Meadow

This is the meadow. It's located near the forest and the rock tunnel, and is where the Clan cats bury their dead. It's a beautiful place year round. In the spring and summer, beautiful white flowers cover the floor in a carpet of beauty. In the fall, as the flowers begin to fade, the trees shed their leaves, covering the floor in a gold and red layer. In the winter, the ground is covered with a pristine layer of snow where the sunlight leaks through from behind the leafless trees. 



The forest is a beautiful piece of territory, the sunlight slowly flowing down through the treetops, providing a great place for cats to hunt. Mice, birds, squirrels, and even some rabbits call this place their home. At dawn, a low mist creeps over the forest.


 In the deepest part of the forest, where the sunlight doesn’t reach the ground because of the denseness, lies the thunderpath. Monsters abound here throughout the day, but as night draws in and the thunderpath grows darker, even the monsters abandon this territory. Late at night, as the wind blows through the trees, a howling noise can be heard on the thunderpath. The apprentices all tell tales of the thunderpath, late at night as they lay safely tucked away in their den. Legend has it, late at night, once every moon, a monster larger than any seen before barrels down the thunderpath, killing everything in its path. Only… the cats never return, no bodies are ever found, they go missing without a trace. Surely, it’s just a story though…